Manage, share and publish

yacht4web provides tools to manage your boats.
In total freedom, in the most simple and economical.

How it works


We provide all the tools to manage in full autonomy your boats and your customers.
you no longer duplicating dozens of times your listings with a single application you'll have it all. yacht4web is web native because web born and its needs. Soon to be available mobile/desktop versions of an application, to consult and build off-line, the list of your bids.


We provide the tools to easily and safely share, your boats, with partners or in the most important social network.
acquire or send an offer to a customer or partners will no longer be a problem. Generate PDF of tenders to the user or Broker Frendly. Share easily on facebook and tweeter. yacht4web has all the tools that are essential for marketing today.


We provide the tools and support to be able to easily integrate the boats within the corporate site.

data is available through a variety of ways: iframe, ajax, json, xml and can be integrated with any technology.

With yacht4web you can publish on the most important websites selling boats.

The Guarantee
Protection of data entered.

The data entered by yacht4web are and will always be available to the user in a form open and documented. The administrative access is always accessible and your data download, although it will not have any subscription to our services. You will have a copy of your data (compressed archive ZIP) on each devices that will request.

yacht4web guarantees

yacht4web safety

The Safety
Everything under control.

The information entered are confidential and access is protected by firewall and password . contractually, yacht4web will not use and will not provide your information to third parties. You can decide independently what is visible on your sites, on partners and/or on other portals. All confidential information are encrypted in our database. Yacht4web also keeps track of all access and all changes made

Import and Export, easily with anyone

yacht4web provides tools for importing automatica with different file formats like OpenMarine, Excel, text files and others.
In most cases it is not necessary to enter the boat manually, you will find them readily available in yacht4web.
Contact our support to request information.

yacht4web compatibility