Med Festival Experience

Med Festival Experience

Med Festival Experience

Med Festival Experience
Author Amelia
Date 04.18.2017

To the delight of all boating enthusiasts, as it was for a period with the approach of this very important event, the Med Festival Experience, that custom will be held from 22 April at 1 may, will be in Gaeta.

The beautiful Italian city famous for some culinary delights but also for the beauty that attracts tourists from all over our country, will have the honor of hosting one of the nautical Festival most prominent, which this year will be based on certain principles slightly different from those of the past years.

Literally, the pillars of the Med Festival Experience, will be internationalization, globalization and the blue economy: a festival more than ever capable of transferring on nautica topicality, because we discuss a lot of innovations, environment, great ideas to radically change our future by changing the present, and of course we will talk about globalization from the standpoint of nautica.
A Union rediscovery with the rest of the world, because the Nautica è able to join if there is one thing that unites us all: love, ovviamnente,.

the Med Festival Experience This year will be organized by the Association Corsomare Consortium estimated Gulf Enterprises today, and, as you know those who know his work, will try to boost the economy through this festival of nautical terms, convincing even to move the construction sites bankrupt and everything seems to move towards a precipice that, these days, seems to swallow all.

A plus point for this nascent boating is participation very active internationalization of non-European Nations that other years were not invited: G will have the honor of hosting the representatives of Brazil, China, Iran, Russia, Serbia and Tunisia. Their presence will be very useful to talk about the channels for Exchange of the Mediterranean Sea.

Visitors arrive and are welcomed by Yacht Expo, and they can start their adventure!