Author Erika
Date 29/12/2016

Open subscriptions to this important taking place from 29 to March 31, 2017.
Event where the Center there are yachts, and lacks creativity and even innovation.

Ideas and innovation

The title of the paragraph refers to those that are the most relevant features that distinguish, not now, the different editions of Millennium Yacht Design Award. The 2017 marks his 14a Edition.


MYDA 2017 Edition

Here's what it represents and will certainly be one of those events to be considered among the top spots for its relevance in the context of the next edition of Seatec, the latter for the uninitiated is the 15a international review of/of:

& bull; Technologies

& bull; subcontracts

& bull; design for boats

This event is dedicated to the sector of yacht and of the SHIPS, and will take place in Marina di Carrara from 29 to March 31, 2017.

This important contest that has recently opened its enrollment, is dedicated and reserved for designers and architects to these categories of reference:

- Professional designers and/or who have completed at least a boat

- Emerging designers who have not yet realized it completed a boat

Planimetria Seatec 2017

These two categories are exposed can both contribute to the three sections of the competition, to access the final prize, following are the three sections:

Section A – New Projects: This is the section as its part by name to the development of external and internal lines for any of a BOAT that may be in Sole proprietor-Excellent conditions-cabins 3-toilets 3-sailor cabin with bathroom or to sailing, in the category there is no limit on the size of the latter.

Section B – the boat on a human scale: This section is dedicated to a maximum length of 10 metres for boats that can be submitted from the categories above, the external and interior design in this case is the "optimal" in the title of the section

Section C – Disabilities on board: Finally, the third section is devoted to solutions designed and constructed to allow access and full use to persons with motor disabilities and not only, on boats that are always sailing and this time also there are for these projects to be submitted to the competition, limits on the size

Seatec 2017

The jury, as always consists of industry experts, journalists, designers and designers of large and well known brand of Made in Italy.