Nauticsud 2017

Nauticsud 2017

Nauticsud 2017

Nauticsud 2017
Author A. Baldo
Date 12.16.2016

Nauticsud 2017 which is the Mostra d'oltremare to be held from 18 to 26 February 2017 Edition.

Nauticsud è the nautical fair really important and is hosted by forty-seven years after Mostra d'oltremare in Naples which owns the trademark and stands as a reference point for the Nautica on the Center and southern Italy.

NauticSud 2017

The Edition 2016 of this meeting-fair has reached the 70,000 attendance, the numbers say a lot a lot about the type of event taking place in southern Italy for a long time as said.

The 2 ° boat show in Italy

Well Yes, after Genoa is this salon and embraces instead the Central and South Italy and related to boating and sailing.

In recent years this event has been emerging as a meetings and as a place for fans by nautica is intended to operators in the sector.
While maintaining the charm in all thereò.

NatuicSud 2017

What occurs in the eyes of visitors to this exhibition

Well in this event, you can:

& bull; know and preview new products proposed by the marine industry

& bull; get in touch with people and companies

& bull; have important moments of Exchange

& bull; do business

& bull; create new working relationships

It follows that places and events of this type can allow areas of maneuvering and meeting really important and relevant under multiple viewpoints … then there is precisely the View that in itself is no less relevant than anything weò.


nautical shipyards Italians are the first "subject" that come to mind but these are accompanied by the operators of a chain Nautica With the 2017 Edition Nauticsud, Naples wants to regain a leading role on the international exhibition scene the marine industry.

Other important presences in this exhibition are educational institutions, research centres.

NatuicSud 2017

And then one can not speak of Marine protected areas that always maintain their charm, and with these areas of wonder we find invoices "human" as the Marinas.

But there are also associations and all the rest of the bodies engaged in the maritime sector. Here's what you'll find at Nauticsud 2017 Edition. We believe you will at this point persuaded to participate in such an important event.