Exploring yacht4web API

Yacht4web APIs allow you to access all the data in the management.
yacht4web contains several tables from which you can draw to better integrate information into your site
These tables are accessible through the invocation of a web address with architecture REST.
To access the API you need the public key AppID, that comes after registration at yacht4web.
After registering, you have two keys: publishes and a Private: through these keys you can access the API by yacht4web.

All appId is associated with only one account, so if you're a webmaster who deals with more customers, you need to to each customer for which you are developing the web site, its appId.

The APIs and documentation is updated, sign up as a developer to be update on newsà.


The REST Apis provide you with the ability to read and write, the information contained in the cloud by yacht4web.
Request address is as follows


Return data format

Return format of requests is JSON by default, but some require API allows other formats.