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Hybrid engines two recent options

Hybrid engines are now a reality in national and international shipyards, a few months ago came two very interesting models in this respect, therefore they are presenting


Open subscriptions to this important taking place from 29 to March 31, 2017. Event where the Center there are yachts, and lacks creativity and even innovation.

Siren Yachts

The debut of the mermaid model 64 is scheduled at Boot Düsseldorf. It is then provided another model and that the shipyard Siren Yachts presents itself to the world of yachting, placing her designs at international level.

Amer Cent Quad 4 Volvo Ips

It is the installation of the three Ips 1200 year 2015 from 900 horsepower apiece on model Amer 94. Joined Amer Yachts and Volvo Penta who had made about them because of the size of the pods of Swedish House riding motoryacht. But there is moreù….


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