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  • Used

    88.58 ft x 19.72 ft - Engines: 2 x 650 HP Diesel GENERAL MOTORS

    Motor boat - Shuttle


    Italy (Tuscany)

    Steel shuttle Benetti 26 mt, poppa quadra, registered pleasure craft, -2016, 4 4 reftting important 2010 most cabins, crew cabins with 3 Bathrooms plus bathrooms, cold rooms wi...

    722,976 $
    Y.c.M di Cattaneo Mauro
  • Used

    81.53 ft x 20.34 ft - Engines: 2 x 450 HP Diesel MAN

    Motor boat - Shuttle

    Elegant round Stern Shuttle, with an interior configuration that allows you to comfortably accommodate up to 8 people (thanks to 4 cabins) so that you can live a relaxing exper...

    Price on App.
    Marco Yacht