Yacht4web technologies


yacht4web provides a set of technologies that can be a great support to your site, as:

  • Management and translation in 9 languages
  • Building custom photo, Watermark
  • Production of pdf files
  • Generate QR codes

Managed languages

Managed languages are: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.
Manage 9 languages is not a simple thing and takes up a lot of resources: the translation system uses external services and is overseen by.
Through your account you can indicate what is your mother tongue, that is the main language of reference in which are written the ad texts. This is a first step that allows yacht4web to establish a priority of behavior.
For each language you can then indicate the behavior:

  1. Manual translation
    In this case there is machine translation. The translation is fully borne by the user, if the translation is missing, the text does not appear in the language.
  2. Automatic Translation
    Yacht4web in this mode automatically translates text each time you change.
  3. Semi automatic translation
    yacht4web automatically translates each text (Eg. Interior, instrumentation, notes on the price), but if one of these is correct manually (E.g. only notes on price), will switch to manual mode.
    From this moment on the translation (text only) is charged by your operator.
    Anytime the text can be converted from manual to automatic.

The language is required as a response, in the majority of bees and is indicated by its iso code inside of the parameter lang.


lang=en ENGLISH
lang=fr 2.00 m x 1.60 m)-marine Mattress-Network slatted-Mirror-wardrobe-2 Drawers under the bed-1 Panel covered with openable store integrated mosquito net -2 Portholes openable with hull of concealment- PASSENGER CABIN
lang=it Italian
lang=de German
lang=es Spanish
lang=pt Portuguese
lang=cn Chinese
lang=ru Russian
lang=ar Arabic

Construction Photos and custom watermark

yacht4web offers a customization service photo format and applying a watermark to protect the latter.
You may request through your account these customizations are necessary if the layout of your site.
Photos riesiedono sun a CDN to allow the highest download speed and are checked once per day to optimize the weight (for search engines.

Building PDF files

It is possible to request the creation of a PDF file personalised with the data, in order to create posters and brochures for your businessà.

Generate QR codes

yacht4web provides a service to create QR code available.