In Marina d'arechi, comes innovation

In Marina d'arechi, comes innovation

In Marina d'arechi, comes innovation

In Marina d'arechi, comes innovation
Author Amelia
Date 05.09.2017

AMarina d'arechi, Salerno Harbour, comes innovation

Luckily it's time of rebirth, not just those misses of shipyards and more that put only a great sadness especially to fans of Nautica.

At least in this area there seems to be a determination to change the wind and let it turn for all big fans: in fact, to Salerno Boat Show, seems to be an unexpected but very welcome news to everyone.
We are talking about a partnership between two great entrepreneurs, Agostino Gabac andPaul Squires, who want to make a brilliant idea and construction.

Marina D'Arechi

On the occasion of this great boat show dedicated to Salerno, was presented a project for sure very catchy that would, according to the two entrepreneurs who by now of course will work to put it into practice, albeit with the need of the support of everyone, to propose and sell high quality products from the point of view, even for large boats as the cruise ships and the yacht, entering or passing through Marina d'arechi, the famous port of Salerno.

Mappa Marina D'Arechi

Basically it is an initiative to promote the high quality of the southern regions, often mistreated ?ot; ?ot; from this point of view: how indeed wanted to point out the same Paul Squires during a special summit, through the marine trying to ?quo; chase the dream of contributing to the enhancement of the most precious treasure of our land, agri-food ?mp; raquo;.

The new Marina of Salerno, Therefore, it will be relaunched in an exceptional way by the Union since the Union of these two entrepreneurs who have decided to invest more than in all the rest, in the future the same nautical innovation. Agostino Gabac, always during the same vertex, explained what represents this idea and no one else could have done that with most beautiful words: ?quo; represents the dream, which unites me to Paul Squires, returning value to our territory with a big investment in support of sea tourism ?mp; raquo;.