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44101 - Rue de l'Ile Pointiare, Z.I. de Cheviré - France
Nantes (44)
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  • Used
    Size: 42.16 ft x 13.55 ft
    Engines: YANMAR 1 x 40 HP Diesel
  • Used
    Size: 23.46 ft x 8.37 ft
    Engines: HONDA 1 x 200 HP Gasoline
  • Used
    Size: 37.01 ft x 11.91 ft
    Engines: YANMAR 1 x 38 HP Diesel
    SOUTHERLY 115 Series 2 built in 1993 by Northshore Yachts. This boat boasts a lifting electric hydraulic swing keel and twin helm positions making her a practical yacht for UK ...
  • Used
    Size: 48.03 ft x 11.78 ft
    Engines: PERKINS 1 x 45 HP Diesel
    A beautiful flush deck cruiser designed by Kim Holman with comfortable accommodation, nice manners, easy motion and a good turn of speed. She has been continuously improved and...
  • Used
    Size: 39.11 ft x 12.76 ft
    Engines: CUMMINS 2 x 320 HP Diesel
  • Used
    Size: 60.01 ft x 16.77 ft
    Engines: CATERPILLAR 2 x 1420 HP Diesel
  • Used
    Size: 28.31 ft x 8.99 ft
    Engines: MERCURY 2 x 250 HP Gasoline
    <p>What a smooth ride! Come to see us and check on this superb package of practicality, deck space, fun and smooth - powerful - performance. Available for sale with only ...
  • Used
    Size: 39.37 ft x 12.63 ft
    Engines: VOLVO 2 x 306 HP Diesel
    The current owner has been owning her since 2009. Anti-osmosis teratment. 5% + VAT will be charged to the buyer. Inventory number 14280.