GOBBI 23 sport

GOBBI 23 sport

Motor boat used for sale

Seller: E.Y.B.
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GOBBI 23 sport
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GOBBI 23 sport Used

Motor boats


Express cruiser

Year 1996
Size 23.95 ft x 8.20 ft
Engines VOLVO 2 x 205 HP Gasoline
Visible Italy, TOSCANA
13,393 $
12,000 €
VAT included

5%+ VAT will be charged to the buyer. Inventory number: 329449



Rue de l'Ile Pointiare, Z.I. de Cheviré 44101 Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) - France
+33 240 32 10 00
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Used boat GOBBI 23 sport

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