Enterprise marine 43

Enterprise marine 43

Motor boat used for sale

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Enterprise marine 43
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Motor yacht

Year 2005
Size 45.14 ft x 13.85 ft
Engines volvo penta md 2 x 430 HP Diesel
Visible Italy, sardegna
Leasing in process

299,808 $
270,000 €

importo residuo leasing 200 thousand August 2010

The boat held in eccelentio conditions with a few hours. Well-equipped.
residual leasing very interesting.

Navigando S.r.l.

Navigando S.r.l.

Piazza Milano 9 16033 Lavagna (Genova) - Italy
+39 0185 1752668 +39 348 2618615 +39 0185 1908165 chiliwoak
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Used boat Enterprise marine 43

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